Tribojam Community

Sharing joy, personal growth, music and learning


Come and be part of the Tribojam Community. When you arrive, this is your home. Together we build a magnificent community experience


Join our Jam sessions and play or dance with us. We play for fun, so musicians of all levels are welcome to join and try out our vast collection of instruments.


We love to share workhops about sustainability, music, spirituality and much more. Of course you will be welcome to share your skill with us.


Learn Music Production 


Decentralized Technology Learning


Playing together


Technology for the Future

Tribojam Community is an active member of Teclup, a project that aims to bring technology learning to everybody in a decentralized and mentored way. Contact us to know more.


The Tribojam Community project is dedicated to experimenting with a more sustainable and harmonious lifestyle. During your stay with us, you can take part in the following activities


At Tribojam Community we love to Jam together. Bring your instrument or use one of ours. If you aren’t a musician yet, don’t worry we all have music in us and with some guidance and patience you will soon enjoy to be part of the sound.

Imagination Work

Centered around the discovery that human imagination is a gate to the non material realms, we enjoy workshops that take participants on a journey to their inner worlds and beyond, traveling between shamanism, hypnosis and healing and mediumship.


Seeing Permaculture as a philosophy of life, we try to, step by step, create harmony in our livelyhood. To achieve this we apply Permaculture principles to manage the land and develop our project. We can share with you an introduction to its concepts.

Eco Technology

To reduce our ecological footprint we strive to apply eco-technology. This means we favour eco-building methods, and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our energy use or make it more sustainable.

Rock Climbing

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In the beautiful suroundings of Vinagra, Nisa and Vila Velha de Rodão there is ample space for hiking. On the free day we can explore the tracks through the hills together.  Occasionally we may make a longer hike, spending days camping along the route.

Camp Fires

We do believe camp fires have been at the centre of human socialization for most of it’s existance. When the season allows (fire risk) we love to reunite around the fire singing, playing dancing and telling stories.

Communiyy Building

Community building is the cornerstone of any successful community. At Tribojam Community we will invite you to join in our Talking circle and workshops on Non-Violent Communication, Decision making, etc…


The Absurdity Festival

At  some unknown moment in the future we organize The Absurdity Festival. An event for everyone who takes things seriously. We are at this moment looking for people who are absurd and feel like being part of something bigger than life.

The same but different

If you wonder what to expect, then this is an event for you. We look forward to your imput

Come as someone else

You don’t need to worry about your reputation, just come as someone else! Nobody is who you think he is anyway.


It wouldn’t be absurd if you could expect it, so this event is about improvisation. You can make it up as you go.

Silly is king

King Silly will receive you in the most fantastic way.  You will have to go to the extreme to stand out.

Feel welcome to join us as a

Our Team


Community Elder


Technical Manager

Manu Inca

Master of Ideas


Tech Lead


Community Elder


Welcome committee & Security

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us trough the form or by phone Michael +351 96 35 81 0 83