About Tribojam

Community and Events


Tribojam Community is a project in which people share joy, personal growth, music and learning, throughout the year be it for a short or longer period. One or more bigger events will be hosted at the project.
At Tribojam Community we work together toward a more sustainable world, starting Locally


Tribojam Community brings people together who want to be close to nature, living a healthy and sustainable life.
We learn together and share what we know and make fun along the way.
We reinvent life for the future without ignoring the past.
We spread the word when we can and integrate feedback from all sources.


As a community project, Tribojam community is a place where community living is being reinvented for the 21st century. The project seeks to bring the balance between personal and community needs. Further it promotes harmony between the need for private space and time, while building a harmonious group, supporting each member.

Music and Film

We love playing music and jamming together, be it in the studio or at the campfire. Musicians of all levels are welcome to join and have fun


We have built a nice music studio with basic equipment and lots of instruments


In our studio we installed a big green screen which can be used for live streaming or video fun.


When we have musicians in the group, jamming is unavoidable. We have a lot of perucssion and other instruments.


We are working on our social media presence to broadcast our crazy project to the world. All imput welcome : )

Non Formal Learning

Both at the community and the gatherings, Tribojam will be set up as a non formal learning environment, with workshop areas, room for dance and yoga, space and equipment for arts… Along the lines of non formal education, participants will be encouraged to develop skills and knowledge in areas of their liking and according to their own motivation.


If life is lived fully, we will always keep learning. Curiosity belongs to all of us. Let’s explore Together and grow.


We have two little workshops and are preparing to build a big one to let creativity explode.


At Tribojam Comunity we are all students, constantly learning from each other and sharing what we know.


Although we recognize the dangers and limitations of technology, we believe it has a role to play.

Who Can Participate at Tribojam? 

Tribojam is open to people of all ages and backgrounds with a special attention for youth. An interest in sustainability or personal well being is welcome as those are the themes the project is developed around.

For Tribojam community the project will host participants who are welcome to take part in community living and all sustainability and wellbeing activities that take place. Further we will welcome volunteers who come with specific skills, to work on specific tasks. People who stayed at Tribojam community for some time can apply to join the community permanently as member.

For Tribojam gatherings, everybody is welcome to come and participate. Further we will attract people with special skills and knowledge to give workshops and talks fitting the theme of the gathering.

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