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Who can volunteer at Tribojam Community
Tribojam community is a young project and in full expansion. To prepare for the gatherings we will need people with diverse skills in areas such as carpentry and building in general, forestry, cooking and housekeeping, child care, marketing and publicity, WP web design and development and many more…

If you have valuable experience in one or several of these areas, or in other areas you think may be of use to us, and you are a self motivated person, then you may be the volunteer we are looking for. We will be looking forward to host you as a part of our community for the time of your stay, and share our lifestyle and activities with you.

What is expected of you?
If you come as a volunteer to Tribojam community, you are expected to do up to 5 hours of work, 5 days a week. You will be given tasks corresponding to your previous experience and training. Usually you will need to be able to work independently, unless it is agreed on in advance that you will work under the guidance of a community member or another volunteer.

To keep our project viable, we ask you to contribute towards our costs for food, maintenance and logistics. We believe that the longer you stay, the more you will integrate in the community and the more you will spontaneously contribute to it, so the participation fee is higher for the beginning of your stay. If you come as an experienced construction worker, you may not have to pay – check the position info)
Price per day including food, lodging and all activities:

1st 2 weeks: 91€ (6.5€ per day with a minimum of 2 weeks) – paid on arrival and non refundable.
3rd week: 5€/day

If those tariffs are to high for you because you live on a tiny budget, let us know, to benefit from a reduction. In this case, please explain to us why you live on a tight budget. We expect you to be honest and fair, and not ask for a discount, in case you are usually travelling at a higher cost than what we tariff.

Note that the minimum time to volunteer is two weeks. In case you want to stay for a shorter time, you can come as a participant, paying 10€ per day. 

To know more about the jobs to do, you can look at Wordpackers. On the Worldpackers website look for Tribojam Community, or projects in Vinagra Portgual.

What we offer you?
As a volunteer, you will be offered a place to sleep in the house, if available, otherwise in a caravan or a tent. You can make use of the available infrastructure such as kitchen, bathroom, garden etc… You will be offered mostly vegan meals (cooked in turns by participants and volunteers), for which we will take your specific dietary in consideration as much as we can.

During your stay you can take part in all activities at the project; This may includes workshops, ceremonies, walks in nature, meditations, etc… Activities happen ocasionally. When you are here, ask about them. Let’s make it happen together! Use of workshop areas and tools can be agreed on.

In a Glimpse
You apply for specific tasks you are skilled in
You work up to 5 hours a day
Pay a little fee per day
Meals and lodging are offered
Sunday is arrival and departure day
You can take part in all activities such as workshops, ceremonies, talking circles etc…

Fill Out The Volunteer Form

Please fill out our volunteer form, so we can get to know you a little and know when you want to come and what you want to help with. Please fill out one form per volunteer.

Volunteer Form Here